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Account Receivable

Healthcare providers are under constant pressure to offer the best service possible, and they confront a number of obstacles, including extended accounts receivable cycles. This causes income to be delayed, billing teams to become fatigued, financial management to become frustrated, and cash flow to become unstable. Businesses may overcome these problems, cut costs, and save personnel by outsourcing account receivable follow-up services to an expert service provider.

We recognize that dental billing and coding organizations lose a lot of money due to a lack of structured processes; as a result, Revesolv assists such businesses in streamlining their accounts receivable services operations and increasing revenue. Our goal is to speed up the AR process by following up on outstanding claims on a regular basis.

Dental Billing Account Receivable Services

  • We must all recognize and be willing to face the fact that the healthcare reimbursement system is a disaster. Because of the bad economy, everyone from patients to insurance companies is tightening their purse strings. Because of an increasingly complex and often confusing set of laws and processes, we are seeing more denials, underpayments, and lost or neglected claims these days.
  • Physicians are having a harder time getting reimbursed for the services they provide. Dental offices are under more pressure than ever before to collect more money and reduce their operating costs.
  • Our Accounts Receivable service is prepared to help your practice collect more money. After claims are created and sent to the insurance company, we begin the AR follow-up procedure. Our rigorous claims follow-up guarantees that no claims go unnoticed or unaddressed and that all of them receive the attention they deserve.

Analysis of Dental RCM Account Receivable Services

Account Receivables services are a cohesive element of RCM and a complex process in and of itself. Our accounts receivable services are a combination of handling each stage that contributes to revenue collection. It’s a collection of thoughtful ideas, analyses, and measurements that provide descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive insights towards bettering your Account Receivable management.

A/R analysis can provide deep insights that can be used to increase cash flow by modifying other elements of the RCM.

  • Each claim is valued, and a point is added to the accounts receivable services.
  • Our professionals examine each claim to ensure better payouts.
  • Certain claims may need to be resubmitted with new documentation.
  • Denials must be queued and managed independently.



Advantages Of Account Receivable services

1. Account Receivable services calling Team with years of experience.
2. This will free up time for you to concentrate on revenue cycle management.
3. We keep track of metrics and use analytics to reduce the number of claims that are denied.
4. Higher Account Receivable collection rate at a fraction of the cost.
5. Statistics is used for monthly reporting.


Advantages of Revesolv Account Receivable Services

1. We are well-versed in industry best practices for reducing A/R.
2. To ensure a thorough follow-up, we hire educated and professional experts.
3. Improved cash flow, higher collection percentages, and more proactive follow-ups.
4. Through our Billing software, we use cutting-edge technology to provide high precision and control.
5. Analytics to aid in the creation of an action plan and the enhancement of the current system.
6. Reports that provide up-to-date information.
7. We handle your rejections and help you get a greater first-pass rate.

Account Receivable Services We Offer

To assist clients with their AR follow-up services, we have a highly skilled and expert staff of Dental coders and financial experts working together. Among the primary services we provide are:

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Accounts Receivable

Our financial experts will evaluate all pending claims, commence collections, track receivable amounts, and hunt down any additional payments that are past due. This will aid in enhancing cash flow and reducing the number of days in which accounts receivable are outstanding.

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Accounts Receivable
Recovery Services

We can quickly discover and identify various Dental billing strategies that result in non-payment of dues, and we can assist you in resolving those issues so that you may get a higher number of claims paid.

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Clean-up of Old
Account Receivable

Healthcare providers frequently have a big number of unsolved A/R due to insufficient follow-up skills or a lack of manpower, resulting in a massive backlog. Our team of AR follow-up professionals can assist you in strategizing and clearing backlogs in a timely manner.

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We realize how much money healthcare providers lose due to a lack of insurance company follow-up. Our insurance follow-up services are intended to ensure that claims are paid on schedule. Our staff possesses the necessary expertise to aggressively pursue all accounts.

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We assist healthcare organizations in the preparation of a variety of financial reports, including a monthly examination of the issues that lead to claim denial. We can assist you to discern between receivable and non-collectible sums, as well as identify and bill coinsurance and deductible amount to the appropriate payers.