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Credentialing Services

Revesolv’s Provider Credentialing, Enrollment, and Primary Source Verification services help healthcare organizations focus on their patients rather than paperwork.

Credentialing Services for Dental Insurance

In order to establish a legitimate dental practice in today’s competitive healthcare market, a dentist must complete the credentialing process. Credentialing, as a business-critical component of a dental practice, necessitates an excessive number of considerations in order to ensure eligibility for effective participation in the payers’ (insurance companies’) network.

The cultured credentialing process, on the other hand, is too much for new front desk personnel at your dental clinic. This is where Revesolv, the credentialing expert, comes in to assist your dental clinic with all of the essential assistance to get through the credentialing process successfully.

Why Are Dental Credentialing Services So Important?

Credentialing has been important for growth-oriented dentistry practices since the insurance thing crept into people’s healthcare routine. Every patient wanting a dental procedure now seeks a provider who can bill his insurance for the operation (insurance company). As a result, it’s preferable to get credentialed before the competition snatches your patient base and revenue share.

Dental credentialing is essential for a dental office since it permits you to do things like:
  • Increased patient traffic.
  • Reimbursements that are appropriate.
  • Payments from payers are made on time.
  • The payment process is simple and accessible.
  • Claims denials and rejections are kept to a minimum.
  • Revenue has increased.

Dental practices that operate together in an unbreakable alliance of credentialed dentists have more prospects for growth and expansion. When a dental practitioner’s payer network expands due to confirmed credentials, the practice expands dramatically.

Outsourcing The Dental Insurance Credentialing Services Has Its Advantages

Dental credentialing services are a legal requirement that entails a thorough examination and verification of professional documents, such as academics and education, career, training, licensing, and practice history, among other things. Outsourcing, on the other hand, can help to balance out an error-prone process.

Outsourcing the credentialing process to an insurance credentialing expert like you has a number of advantages:
  • Make use of specialists’ knowledge and experience.
  • Reduce the amount of time and money spent on the credentialing process.
  • Obtain access to industry-standard credentialing tools and systems.
  • Errors in administration should be eliminated.
  • Reduce the amount of commotion in your dental practice.
  • Avoid interruptions to focus on patient care.

For all of the reasons and benefits listed above, outsourcing your credentialing and enrolment process is the ideal option. With the credentialing element outsourced to an expert, your office staff may avoid all the costs and clutter, and the course will be easygoing, error-free, and efficient.

Our Methodology for Dental Insurance Credentialing Services

Our provider enrollment and credentialing services can help you join an insurance carrier’s network. Revesolv’s certified credentialing professionals know how to navigate the complicated and time-consuming certification procedure. As a result, your employees will have more time to focus on patient care, which is the most crucial component of a dental business.

The manner we catch up on credentialing can benefit your dental practice in the following ways:
  • Obtaining Required Data from Providers (Dentists).
  • Choosing Practice-Preferred Payers and Creating a Credentialing Strategy
  • Reviewing the Credentialing Application for Completeness and Accuracy.
  • Filling out the Credentialing Form and sending it in.
  • Keeping track of credentialing status through timely follow-ups.
  • Obtaining Payer Enrollment Numbers and updating Providers.

With the help of our industry specialists, you can complete credentialing in a timely and error-free manner, without clogging up your front desk with unwelcome interruptions. We pay attention to every detail, from form submission to credentialing contract, to ensure that your dental office maintains its prominence through a clutter-free credentialing procedure.

Why Hire Revesolv to Handle Your Dental Credentialing?

With so many phases in the credentialing process, there are several opportunities for errors to arise. Delays are almost certain to occur as a result of mistakes. Prior to enrolling, we double- and triple-check all documentation to verify that it is complete and error-free.

By entrusting the certification process to our professionals, you can:
  • Administrative costs should be reduced.
  • Make it simple to enroll and register.
  • Errors that result in credentials and claims being denied must be eliminated.
  • Make efficient use of your time.
  • Enrollment paperwork and payer contracts should be checked on a regular basis.
  • Raise revenue and improve patient satisfaction in your practice.

Getting payers to certify dental credentials is a time-consuming process that involves a lot of paperwork, document processing, and follow-ups. Outsourcing the credentialing procedure to Revesolv helps ensure a smooth transition through all of the steps – we are experts in this area.



Credentialing Services are provided by Revesolv:

1. Help with insurance credentialing is required for a new dental practice.
2. Adding more providers to an existing dental clinic requires assistance.
3. Help is needed to add new insurance coverage to an existing dental clinic.
4. Help with re-credentialing with insurance companies is needed for an existing dental clinic.


The Advantages of Contracting Out Insurance Credentialing

1. While your practice is being certified with insurance, you can expect timely results and proper follow-up.
2. When it’s done by a professional whose sole job is to accomplish this, it’s more efficient.
3. When the initial submission of documentation is accurate and follow-ups are more regular, insurance companies are expected to complete credentialing in a timely manner.
4. If dental facilities are certified with all area insurances, they can treat a wide range of patients.
5. Dental practices are confident in their ability to compete in their particular marketplaces.