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Denial Posting

The revenue cycle process includes a step called denial posting. We can send denied claims to Accounts receivable and follow up on them if they are completed on time. It’s critical to maintain track of your earnings. A good payment processing team can give you crucial information about the overall efficiency of your revenue cycle procedures.

To reconcile the payments, the denial posting staff posts them promptly into the corresponding patient’s account against that specific claim. Payment posting is handled according to client-specific criteria, which would define the cut-off levels for making changes, write-offs, refund procedures, and so on. Patients may also make partial payments, which must be tracked.

In order to appropriately finalize the claim and avoid any exaggerated AR, patient payments should be accounted for. We have a lot of expertise in processing payments received from patients through various ways such as cash, cheques, and credit cards (patient portals). Our payment processing specialists keep track of patient payments, make choices about whether to move any pending accounts to secondary insurance and resolve any credit balances.

Our value proposition

  • We give insights on trends in denials, non-covered services, prior authorization, and deductible or co-payment collection concerns at the point of service, in addition to production and quality reports on our performance.
  • We assist our clients in establishing clear procedures for write-offs and adjustments. While processing payment transactions, we report any anomalous contractual alterations based on these policies.
  • We forward refused claims to the relevant coding and denial management team for rework and timely resubmission to payers.
  • Identifying and processing claims with secondary payers for any leftover balances.
  • Dashboards that promote continual improvement by providing rapid access to process health metrics.

Denial Posting Service

Claim denials must be posted in order to gain a complete picture of the customer’s A/R cycle. Payers respond to denied claims with ANSI codes for denials and, in some cases, payer-specific medical coding guidelines. 

Most payer-specific refusal codes are familiar to us, and we’re also well-versed in ANSI standard denial codes. Each claim denial is recorded in the practice management system, and we take steps to re-bill the secondary insurance carrier, transfer the balance to the patient, write off the amount, or reprocess the claim.