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Eligibility Verification

Your Dental Insurance Verification Services Will Be More Accurate

Revesolv has been providing complete insurance verification services to dental firms of all sizes for over a decade. Our services are developed to help your dental office reduce claim denials and boost revenue. Identifying patient eligibility, understanding the benefits provided under the plan, and confirming coverage with the insurance carrier or corporation are all part of our dental insurance verification services. We place a high priority on benefit verification for patients prior to their scheduled appointment. For implants, crowns, scaling and root canal treatment, and other dentistry codes, we obtain prior authorizations. Our staff compiles a complete report on patient benefits and eligibility and integrates it into your practice management system.

We have a staff of industry specialists who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle all back-office activities and provide dental insurance verification services. This relieves you of the stress of administrative responsibilities, allowing you to focus on your primary goal of providing high-quality treatment to your patients.

Claim Denials Can Be Avoided With Our Streamlined Dental Insurance Verification Services Process Flow.

Here’s how to do it:
  • Proactively verifying a patient’s insurance eligibility via phone calls or internet checks.
  • Check the status of your coverage, claim mailing address, plan exclusions, deductibles, and pre-authorization number, among other things.
  • To ensure information accuracy, we tally information obtained by us and data provided by insurers at the same time.
  • We double-check to make sure we’ve gotten all of the necessary information and that it’s all correct.
  • We immediately send you the report following the validation of patients’ insurance coverage to assist you in providing services that are consistent with the coverage scopes.


Services for ensuring dental insurance Included in our area of expertise is

Our dental insurance verification services assist you in streamlining and managing your dental insurance claim:



Document Verification

Revesolv, as one of the industry’s leading dental insurance verification services company in United States, uses a checklist-based technique to finish the entire process of verifying a patient’s documents. We begin by gathering all of the data we’ll need to create an invoice. Following that, the documents received are compared to a list of all required documents. This guarantees that all documents are properly authenticated in accordance with the dental insurance company’s criteria. To avoid a rerun of the process and, eventually, a delayed reimbursement for the dental care company, our team of professionals maintains utmost accuracy.


Verification of a Patient’s Dental Insurance

We take extra precautions to ensure that the dental insurance coverage information in the documents provided by the patients is correct. We compare the information to the current coverage scopes of the insurers. We obtain all of the necessary information by contacting the dental insurance verification services directly or visiting their website. We double-check essential details including the effective date of dental insurance coverage, the date of policy termination, co-payment benefits, and co-insurance amount, among others. We keep track of important facts including the diagnosis and pkg by dental insurance.


Patient Communication

Our dental insurance verification services use a variety of communication modes to keep consumers informed about their out-of-pocket payments. This is to decrease the likelihood of unexpected fees, which can lead to a disgruntled consumer. Our team teaches dental caregivers about deductibles, co-insurance, co-payments, and the maximum out-of-pocket charges. This understanding aids them in comprehending the deductibles that apply to a patient’s initial appointment. We contact patients as soon as possible to collect any missing information or information that differs from the insurer’s coverage data.


Claim Denial Appeal

As a reputable provider of dental insurance verification services, we begin by gathering all of the relevant and detailed information in the claim. To reduce the chances of a denial, the claim should include a clear diagnosis, service narrative, and intraoral photographs. Our claim appeals are based on the various appeal formats utilized by various insurance companies. We also look over all of the co-pay information and diagnostic data to determine the procedure’s medical necessity and style our claim refusal appeal accordingly.


Final Report Submission

Our final report includes a detailed breakdown of all patient benefits as well as other pertinent information such as the dental insurance coverage member’s ID, group ID, validity, and expiration dates. This final report will essentially include any pre-authorizations that may be required to ensure that a dental insurance policy can fund claim reimbursements for a dental caregiver.


Business Process Improvisations

Our goal as a forward-thinking dental insurance verification services provider is to simplify and streamline the entire dental care billing and verification process. Before any pre-booked, walk-in, or same-day visits, dental caregivers can access real-time information regarding a patient’s eligibility for dental insurance coverage thanks to our technology and experience. Our team of professionals performs code-specific verification to offer previous information on deductibles, co-payments, benefit limitations, and code-specific perks.

Workflow for Complete Dental Insurance Verification Services

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Assessment of coverage eligibility

After receiving patient information, we employ innovative software such as AdvancedMD, MacPractice, and Ezclaims, among others, to evaluate whether or not patients are eligible for coverage and how much coverage they will receive.

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Consult your insurance company.

Our team of professionals double-checks all information obtained from patients with insurers on a regular basis. This is to ensure that all of the patients’ duties are met both before and after the dental treatment.

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Patient follow-up

Our team of insurance commission professionals follows up with patients to obtain any missing information or to ensure that the dental caregiver fulfills any obligations owed to them.

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Submission of the final report

The final report is sent via FTP/SFTP servers and is automatically updated in the practice management system of the dental caregiver.

Why are we the leading provider of dental insurance verification services in the industry?

We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that dental insurance verification services are completed accurately and quickly.

When volume increases, we rely on strategic planning, ample backup resources, and cutting-edge technology to supply services.

We complete the process in the quickest period feasible, giving you the freedom to begin treatment as soon as possible.

We have regular training programs, well-defined SOPs, and strict quality assurance checks in place to ensure that only the best services are provided at all times.