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Patient Collection Service

Why Are The Patient Collection Services So Important?

A medical bill is a patient statement. They can be mailed to patients or delivered electronically. You assumably spend a significant amount of money as a healthcare practitioner sending out patient statements. It’s possible that you’ll have administrative employees whose main responsibility is to handle medical billing.

A patient statement service handles all of these responsibilities for your clinic, allowing you to cut administrative costs, increase medical fee collection efficiency, and ensure that your team is focused on your patients.

Revesolv’s patient statements are succinct, accurate, and timely.

Before the final invoices are prepared and given out to the patients, we deploy an efficient crew to work on their statements. Patient statement reports are prepared at the end of each month, and our diligent team double-checks all of the facts before sending the statement out.

A separate report is also sent to the clinic where the maximum statements are generated, which must be sent to a collection agency or followed up on by the patient.


  • Statements are generated in a timely manner.
  • Reimbursement from the patient bucket has increased.
  • The appropriate technique for keeping track of patient due dates.

Patient Collection Services

The best strategy to send out patient statements is to divide them into four equal groups and bill each group once a week on a monthly basis. Doing so will result in a consistent monthly revenue flow.

When it comes to creative patient comments, there are several rules to follow. These are some of them:

  • Secure statement printing practices: Personal health information about patients must be kept private and in compliance with HIPAA.
  • Provide easy access: All of the information on a patient’s personal statement must be easily accessible.
  • Put patients first: Your patient statements should be straightforward and simple to comprehend.
  • Clarify your brand: Your statement’s recipient should be able to tell who sent it right away.
  • List payment options: Make it clear that a patient can pay in a variety of methods, including by cheque, credit card, or online. It will demonstrate how simple it is for them to settle their account.
  • Steer clear of confusion: Your statement must be patient-friendly and disclose how much of the total amount was paid by the insurance company. It must also show the patient’s financial responsibility.

What’s included

  • Clear Concise Patient Statement
  • Digital Communication and Statement
  • Simplified Mailing Process 
  • Advance Billing Technology

Customized statements and delivery to expedite collections


Personalize statements to help in collecting.

Multiple target audiences are engaged by research-driven claims that use design thinking to assist increase collections.


To expedite payments, and meet patients’ needs.

To encourage a speedier response, provide digital notifications and statements in addition to paper announcements.


Lower the number of inbound customer inquiries.

Reduced phone calls are made possible by easy-to-understand statements with different payment alternatives.


Enabling rapid access and delivery.

With modern billing technology, you may cut expenses and enhance the efficiency of your sending and returned-mail procedures.

Patient Collection Service Characteristics

A patient statement service should have the following features:

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Send Text Balance Reminders

You may save time and money by texting balance reminders instead than mailing paper bills. It reminds patients that they can pay their bills electronically if they like.

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Auto-Schedule Statements

When you schedule patient statements in advance, you won’t forget to send or resend them when they’re due. It also keeps overbilling at bay.

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Send Electronic Statements

Electronic statements can be sent via a patient collection service, lowering your administrative expenditures. It implies that you can transmit statements to several patients at the same time.

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Customizable Statement Layouts

A variety of statement layouts are available through patient statement services. You can select the one that best suits your needs.