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Payment Posting

Accurate Payment Posting of Daily Insurance

When you partner with Revesolv, payment posting services may be a quick and straightforward step in your daily practice management routine. Post accurate insurance payments to streamline your end-of-day financials.

With the payment posting services from Revesolv, you may establish effective practice management strategies.


Our Payments Posting Services will help you improve your practice management.

  • Get help with your revenue cycle.
  • Employee retention should be improved.
  • Boost the effectiveness of your practice.
  • Collaborate with dental billing experts.
  • Increase your revenue.
  • Obtain a fair and complete remuneration for your efforts.


Revesolv Dental Billing can help you align payment posting with your practice management today.

Payment posting is critical to the revenue cycle because it not only affects the patient experience but can also have financial consequences if done wrong.

Payment posting requires accuracy, and while it’s tempting to focus on other aspects of practice administration, controlling payment postings catches billing issues and allows you to correct them quickly.


The Benefits of Payment Posting Services

  • Payment posting can compare the explanation of benefits (EOB) to the actual payment received, revealing any billing or payment problems.
  • Before permission, payment posting services give specific line items that reveal any denials for any non-covered dental treatments. This not only draws attention to the services but also helps to avoid invoicing problems.
  • Payment posting can also help you manage denials and reduce them by recording payer denials and sending them on a consistent weekly basis. It’s critical to keep track of denials so that the same claim isn’t refused for the same reason again in the future.
  • You’re assisting practice management and the revenue cycle flow by assisting payment posting.

What we offer:

  • Posting of electronic payments.
  • Payments are posted manually (This ensures no payment record is ignored).
  • Up to 99 percent accuracy is guaranteed.
  • Within 24 hours, you’ll get financial data and a smooth revenue cycle.


You enjoy the following benefits by delegating your payment posting services to us:

  • Take this time-consuming task away from your in-house staff.
  • Up to 99 percent accuracy is guaranteed.
  • Financial reports that are accurate and have a seamless revenue cycle.
  • Timeliness is guaranteed within 24 hours.
  • Improper payments and prompt transfers of the patient’s responsibilities are recognized and reviewed sooner.


Our Dental Billing Payment Posting Services meet all of your requirements.

Our services are meant to assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of denial grounds, the front-end patient collection procedure, and non-covered therapies. Among the services we provide are:


Analyse Explanation Of Benefits

Our staff of skilled and experienced payment posting executives enters all of the patient’s information, including name, account numbers, control numbers, service dates, and procedure codes, among other things. They look at all of the data to find important payment patterns including the percentage of insurance receivables, denials, and the percentage of the money owed.


Post Electronic Remittance Advisory

We assist you in processing big volume payment transactions electronically with this posting service. Our job comprises putting the files into your RCM system, checking for flaws and discrepancies, and repairing the issues using the ERA tool’s various features. Our ERA payment posting services are meant to reduce manual labor, reduce posting errors, and boost the overall efficiency of your payment posting system.


Post Payments Manually

We gather payment figures from scanned copies of Explanation of Benefit (EOB) documents and send them to matching patient accounts with our manual payment posting services. To ensure proper payments, write-offs, balance transfers, and adjustments, we rely on the finest manual payment posting services and business-specific standards. Following the posting, our professionals work with the rejections department to begin the collection process.


Post Patient Payment

We help our clients post patient payments so that any dues that aren’t recovered from payers can be recovered from patients. We do this as soon as possible to ensure that your practice’s account receivable is not inflated. We can handle credit balance difficulties or transfer pending accounts to secondary insurers in a simple and timely manner because of our experience handling payments received from patients via various channels such as checks, cash, and credit cards.


Post Denials

We post rejections into your practice system and initiate steps such as charging secondary insurance, modifying balances, keying in balance receivables into payer accounts, initiating write-offs as per your rules, and lining up denials to denial management queues with our denial posting service. Our professionals are well-versed in ANSI denial codes as well as other payer codes, allowing you to streamline your payment posting procedure.


Track Cash Inflow

In the healthcare industry, payment posting comes with the added obligation of supporting practices in keeping track of their cash influx. We help you monitor and track all outstanding account receivables in real-time as a top payment posting services. We make it possible for you to keep track of cash inflows and take action to eliminate any bottlenecks.

Why are we a Payment Posting Authority in Dental Billing?

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Inputs Based On Analytics

We contribute to overall revenue patterns, such as non-covered services, denials, prior authorization, co-payment, deductible, and front-office collections.

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Write-off and adjustment policies.

We create policies for modifications and write-offs that are adequately specified. This allows us to alert you to any unusual contractual alterations that may have an impact on your revenue cycle.

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Expedite Denial Management

We maintain track of refused claims and forward them to the rejection management team as soon as possible for timely examination and re-submission to payers.

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We give you access to dashboards that show you your cash flow status and areas that need to be improved in real-time.

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Submit claims to payers

Our services help you find and handle claims with secondary payers, as well as ensure that any outstanding accounts are paid.

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Manage Knowledge

We keep track of all your business process rules in our practice management systems to ensure we’re always up to date and can help you stay current.

Our End-to-End Payment Posting Services

Dental Solution’s payment posting services is based on a few well-defined stages that let our clients identify patient responsibility, amend outstanding payments, write off dues, and start refunds, among other things.

Verify every element in the EOB (Explanation of Benefits), including billed amounts, modified amounts, allowed amounts, denial information, co-pays, and so on.

For services not covered by payers, we include any payments received by patients in the form of checks, cash, or credit cards as co-pays or deductibles.

We receive electronic remittance advice, examine it, and make payments right away. To make accounting easier, we easily sort paid and unpaid ERAs.

To reconcile patient accounts, key in details of a certain claim in corresponding patient accounts. This is done in accordance with client-specific guidelines.

Claims denials are posted, and the balance is transferred to patient accounts or re-billed to a secondary insurance carrier.