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Plan Creation

Make a plan for shared care.

A shared care plan is a patient-centered health record that allows members of the care team, including the patient and clinicians, to communicate more easily. Rather than having distinct medical and behavioral health care (treatment) plans, a shared plan of care incorporates both to promote a collaborative approach to care.


The connection between patients and providers is transformed when patients have the ability to participate in the development and negotiation of their care plans. Your practice’s relationship with patients can be reshaped and improved by stressing transparency and cooperation when building shared care plans. Patients’ preferences and values in regard to their health and health treatment are better understood when they are actively involved in the process. Furthermore, patient participation in shared care plans encourages patients and providers to make decisions together.


It is critical in integrated care settings for all members of the care team to have access to the same information and to be able to build on the shared care plan. To offer quality integrated care and avoid errors, team members must work together toward a common goal.