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Prior-authorizations Services

Prior-Authorization Services

We know how vital it is to keep prior authorization ready before a specialist’s appointment because we work with several experts in our clinics. Nothing is more frustrating than providing therapy without being reimbursed because pre-authorization was not acquired in advance. Revesolv will diligently ensure that all of your pre-authorizations are lined up and ready before each treatment day, working as a team with your office personnel. We handle all of the groundwork to guarantee that your work process is simple and accurate.

We are a member of your team, working to help you achieve your goals, and we take this role seriously by taking the following steps:

  • Preparing a list of accepted insurances and deciding whether insurances require pre-authorization.
  • I’ll present those details to your office for easy comprehension.
  • Obtaining information from the offices of patients and treatments that require pre-authorization.
  • Preparing and submitting preauthorization paperwork to insurance companies.
  • If necessary, follow up with insurance companies until the claim is approved.

Importance of Prior-Authorizations Services

After determining that a patient requires therapy, such as a sleep apnea oral appliance, you must obtain authorization from the patient’s medical insurance company before supplying the device. This not only saves the patient money but also helps to ensure that the services are compensated. Despite the fact that it takes time, the process is critical for both your dental practice and your patients.

It’s crucial to remember that just because you’ve received a pre-determination doesn’t imply the insurance company is obligated to pay. The insurance company will state that the final decision will be made when the therapy is completed. With a pre-determination, you can reduce the chances of an insurance company refusing to cover the treatment.

Dental RCM Prior Authorization Services

Certain medically required dental services require advance pre-certification for the majority of dental offices and failing to get it may result in claim denial. Precertification, often known as preauthorization, is an important step in determining a patient’s coverage. A request for approval issued by a provider’s office to an insurance company to check the patient’s insurance coverage and guarantee the service offered will be reimbursed is known as pre-authorization. As a seasoned dental pre-authorization firm, Revesolv can provide rapid and accurate insurance prior authorization services.

We can assist you with preauthorization for all of your key treatments. Our experts can assist you in obtaining preauthorization in advance to ensure correct reimbursement.

To make pre-authorizations easier,
  • Our specialist works with your office to arrange and then submits a letter of necessity, along with the claim, to the insurer, requesting permission for the service that the dentist has advised.
  • X-rays, charts, and any other supporting evidence will also be sent to show the procedure’s necessity.
  • Following the submission of the preauthorization, we make regular follow-up calls to check on the status of the request until we receive a response. The payer will then send a copy of the preauthorization determination letter to both the office and the patient.

Outsource Prior Authorizations Services

As a dentist, medical insurance can be complicated and confusing because different codes are necessary. This results in costly and time-consuming errors, as well as a significant amount of effort from your team. There is a less complicated method. Revesolv handles all aspects of medical procedure insurance claims, including pre-authorizations.

Within 24 hours, we will secure payment for medical services and equipment based on verifications. To initiate the authorization procedure, we contact your insurance carrier on your behalf. To ensure a smooth process, we will provide the documentation you have given. Then we keep an eye on things and let you know if your claim has been authorized or denied as soon as possible. We manage denials, appeals, and negotiations in the event that the claim is denied. You and the patient will have a better knowledge of the scope of benefits under their existing insurance plan if you outsource your pre-determinations procedure.

Why Should You Outsource Revesolv For Prior-Authorization services?



We know how to be paid because we have more than 10 years of expertise in the dental industry as previous residents of dental offices.



Everything is done meticulously with properly selected, hired, and trained knowledgeable team members.



Systems, strategies, and processes developed with industry expertise and insight have proven to create exceptional revenues and fast payments.



Workflow is constantly consistent thanks to enhanced SOPs and uttermost care, eliminating errors and resulting in precise payments.



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Our sole attention is on you.