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Appointment Scheduling

To control the patient inflow and maximize income and patient happiness, a medical practice needs a systematic patient appointment scheduling system. If not managed correctly, scheduling appointments would become a difficult and unrewarding activity as patient volume increased, including the appearance of unscheduled customers. Revesolv helps healthcare providers increase operational and clinical efficiency by providing effective, time-saving patient appointment scheduling services. We can assist you in keeping track of patient information, organizing patient flow, and increasing your profits.

We make it easier to schedule diagnostic testing, medical consultations, and treatment appointments, allowing you to spend more time on patient care. Hospitals, clinics, individual/group practices, and other healthcare facilities can benefit from our cost-effective services.

Patient Appointment Scheduling and Management

Understanding the patient’s needs by asking the proper questions and selecting the best care delivery strategies are the keys to efficient patient scheduling. A well-coordinated and efficient appointment scheduling and management services procedure not only improves patient trust but also improves revenue cycle performance. No-shows are reduced through proactive involvement with patients via an online portal and automated reminders, while appointment management helps doctors better manage their schedules to decrease long wait times.

Patient Appointment Scheduling & Management Services

  • Pre-registration is a breeze when appointments are made through the provider’s web portal.
  • Patient demographics are collected to determine eligibility and prior authorization requirements.
  • Fixing the timetable based on the availability of the provider.
  • Through the message system, you can communicate directly with doctors and patients.
  • Notifying patients of the appointment and obtaining confirmation
  • Reminding the patient and the provider using an automated system.

The Revesolv value proposition for appointment-making and patient scheduling

  • Reduces the number of people that don’t show up.
  • Patient engagement is improved.
  • Optimizes appointment management by organizing a physician’s calendar.
  • Providers have access to a real-time dashboard that displays appointments.
  • Reminders and follow-ups that are automated.
  • Allows for end-to-end patient payment history and outstanding payments tracking.

Online Patient Scheduling Solutions to Improve Efficiency

We simplify your job and improve practice efficiency by using advanced internet technologies and a team of devoted professionals. We collaborate with you to arrange appointments depending on your needs using the internet calendar, as well as confirm and reschedule appointments. To reduce no-shows for planned appointments, our system sends out reminders. Our online appointment scheduling service also boost medical practice efficiency in the following ways:

  • Schedules can be accessed by physicians and personnel at the same time and from any location.
  • By extending appointment scheduling hours, you can improve patient access to care.
  • The software makes it simple to locate open time periods.
  • You’d keep meticulous records of your clients’ information.
  • It’s simple to double-book or triple-book services with us.
  • Patients can easily confirm or change their appointments by calling in.
  • Our technology eliminates duplicate records and requests demographic information from the RCM service.
  • Missed appointments are no longer an issue.


Our Appointment Scheduling And Billing System


View Appointment Scheduling

You can access appointment scheduling by physician, resource, and service location on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Set up office hours, color-code by appointment reason or time blocks, or display a legend with extra information about your scheduling rules to personalize your calendars.


Schedule Appointments

Any appointment scheduling can be used to schedule patients and other appointments. Using strong recurrence rules, you can arrange one-time or recurring appointments. You can add information about the patient, case, location, physician, start and end dates and times, appointment reasons, and more for each appointment.


Check Patient Eligibility

Scheduling patients without first confirming their insurance eligibility might be risky for your cash flow, but calling insurance companies to confirm patient eligibility can be a time-consuming task. That’s why we’ve established electronic interfaces with hundreds of major insurance companies so that we can provide real-time eligibility checks during the scheduling process.


Print Encounter Forms

Custom encounter forms can be created by choosing from a library of encounter form templates, selecting procedure and diagnostic codes, and organizing your codes with headings. You can create separate forms for each doctor. You can print individual encounter forms or daily or weekly batches of encounter forms organized by physicians and/or locations.


Print Physician Schedules

From any appointment scheduling view, you can print your physician’s schedules quickly and conveniently. Simply choose a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar view, a date range, and a physician or service location to filter your schedule, then print it. You may also save schedules to a file or send them to your doctors by exporting them to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF format.


Set up Scheduling Resources

In addition to your physicians, you can create scheduling resources to designate equipment, buildings, or persons for whom appointments should be scheduled. For each appointment scheduling resource, you can view daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views and make appointments.


Set up Appointment Reasons

To keep track of the most common reasons for a patient visit, you can create specific appointment scheduling justifications. A name, description, color code, duration, and one or more physicians or scheduling resources can be assigned to each appointment reason. You can use the appointment reason as a shortcut for inputting the appointment duration, physician, and/or other scheduling resources when creating a new appointment.


Configure Scheduling Rules

You may set up comprehensive appointment scheduling rules to control the types of appointments that can be made in specific time slots and calendar ranges. For each physician or other scheduling resource, you can create specific time blocks. Begin by naming, describing, and color-coding each time block.