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AR Follow Up

The accounts receivables Services process guarantees that businesses receive payments within a certain time limit, improve collection rates, and process invoices more rapidly, all of which contribute to revenue. It also entails a review of insurance contracts to ensure that healthcare professionals are compensated appropriately.

An effective insurance model allows healthcare companies to recover past-due payments from insurance carriers quickly and efficiently. In medical billing, this is where accounts receivable (A/R) follow-ups come in. It enables healthcare service providers to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively while guaranteeing that owed funds are reimbursed as quickly as feasible.

It can be difficult to stay focused on your investment and ensure that you receive money from patients and insurance companies, that you complete the proper papers, and that your system functions properly. For busy-schedule hospitals, clinics, and healthcare offices, accounts receivable services company is the perfect solution. The primary goal of accounts receivable management in the healthcare industry is to increase cash flow into the organization by lowering collection time and costs.


What Makes AR Follow-Up So Important In Medical RCM For Healthcare Services?

The healthcare team’s accounts receivable follow-up team is responsible for examining denied claims and reopening them in order to recover the most money from insurance companies. Medical RCM accounts receivable, and revenue cycle management is no longer managed in-house. A/R follow-ups are now handled by billing specialists with distinct skill sets.

Other key procedures, including charge entry, benefits verification, and payment posting, must be completed in addition to A/R follow-up. During these operations, a medical billing professional determines the correct procedure code and diagnosis code based on the treatment plan.

If claims are not submitted according to insurance requirements, the insurance company may deny them; therefore, having a specialized A/R team that can follow up with the insurance company to address your rejected claims is vital.


Why should you outsource your accounts receivable services?

Many medical RCM service providers are finding that their monthly expenses are increasing, but their recurring cash flow is not keeping pace. It is typical to locate a provider with excessive amounts in medical accounts receivable that are greater than 180 days outstanding unless exact and regular active accounts receivable follow-up on current RCM is performed.

The volume of unpaid claims, as well as the time it takes to research, correct, appeal, and re-file them, usually takes significantly longer than anticipated. The goal of reducing/eliminating outstanding accounts receivables and collecting as much money as possible in a short period of time will be impossible to achieve with only a small number of people dedicated to this work.


Why should you outsource your accounts receivable management services to Revesolv?

Revesolv’s medical accounts receivable program eliminates the issues that cause individual providers’ collection efforts to be delayed. Revesolv keeps track of these accounts by dedicating a complete team of people to them. They are committed to resolving unpaid claims in the shortest amount of time possible. As collectors, we use competent, well-trained professionals in the medical billing process. The majority of these employees have years of medical coding and collections experience.

To maximize their cash flow and collection processes, businesses must have an effective and smooth Order-to-Cash cycle. Revesolv improves end-to-end accounts receivable management by maximizing cash flow, reducing past-due receivables, and assisting in the identification of revenue leakages and gap-filling.

Our employees work directly with insurance companies to properly manage collection activities while preserving client relationships. Our Account Receivable Solutions are comprehensive while also being completely adjustable, allowing clients to choose from a wide range of services or to start a new project with just a few processes, business units, or locations. Furthermore, we ensure that our customers have no problems receiving money for their services.


We Provide Receivables Management Services

Hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and clinics all benefit from Revesolv’s accounts receivable services.

  • We produce bills and send them to insurance companies after gaining customer authorization.
  • Revenue should be recorded and accounted for.
  • Periodic declarations are prepared and submitted.
  • Client funds have been received, and the country has been resolved quickly.
  • Credit memos and reimbursement checks are sent after customer approval.
  • Maintain the subsidiary receivables ledger.
  • Changes to the process that have been agreed upon by the customer should be implemented.
  • Resolving short-payment concerns and applying collected monies to customer accounts.
  • Accounts receivable collection is monitored and followed upon.
  • Accounts receivable reports are generated by analyzing accounts receivable by age, industry, customer, and other characteristics.
  • We may create invoices based on paperwork proof such as service/product delivery confirmations and sales order copies.
  • Operating costs and difficulties are significantly reduced.
  • Superior resource mobilization skills for complicated projects to ensure a speedier delivery.

To ensure error-free billing, use quality control procedures, organized billing processes, and appropriate account receivable services.

Our entire portfolio of A/R and denial management services provides the following advantages to our clients:

Hospitals, physicians, and medical practices frequently find themselves in sticky situations with old accounts receivable, due to a lack of staff to follow-up, ineffective write-off policies, ineffective closures, and other factors, resulting in piled-up volumes of insurance claims totaling millions of dollars in aged A/R. We handle A/R backlog clearance as one-time projects, following a thorough procedure that includes:



We do a claim quality study by categorizing claims based on aging, payer group, and timely filing concerns, as well as different sorts of payers. This study aids us in determining the quality of accounts receivable, recoverable accounts receivable through a final clearing attempt, and post-clearance valuation of accounts receivable before entrusting them to collections agencies.


Develop Guidelines

The lack of clear policies on write-offs and talks with insurance companies due to changes in leadership at the healthcare provider’s office, as well as a lack of laid-down procedures and policies, is typically the root of complicated A/R problems. When we take on an A/R backlog clearance project, we give our healthcare provider and RCM company customers the ability to set collection goals


Retrieving Associated Clinical

Changes in the underlying system are frequently the cause of A/R backlog cleaning projects. Because the related clinical paperwork is not available, the collection procedure may be useless unless a process for efficiently recovering clinical documentation exists.

Why are we the leading provider of medical accounts receivable management services in the industry?

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One-stop Destination

We’ve got your back when it comes to following up on outstanding claims, starting collections, tracing denial causes, and tracking pending receivable balances. Our comprehensive approach assures a low denial rate while also allowing you to see outstanding cash values more clearly.

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Faster Turnaround

Dedicated account managers and delivery centers are open 24/7 to help you improve your healthcare revenue cycle. Round-the-clock operations from worldwide distribution centers improved efficiency and ensured consistent communication with the customer base.

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Superior Capabilities

Revesolv, a trusted name in accounts receivable services in the United States, uses cutting-edge infrastructure to marshal resources for complex projects and assure speedier delivery. We can adjust our resources to match your evolving company needs and keep you ahead of the competition.

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Data Security

We are a HIPPA-compliant organization certified by industry authorities as an accounts receivable services provider in the United States. We use a variety of safeguards to ensure that your data is protected to the best level possible. We use digital tools like restricted access and data encryption to do this.

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We help you establish a roadmap and action plan for dealing with impending changes in accounts receivable in medical billing, in addition to addressing your present business difficulties. To that end, we work with you to get the most out of technologies like automation and analytics.

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Flexible Engagement

We provide a variety of service options from which you can select the one that best meets your requirements and budget. Our AR management services enable you to reduce operating expenses and complications significantly.

Accounts Receivable Process Benefits for Revesolv

Our entire portfolio of Account Receivable and Denial Management services provides the following advantages to our clients:

Rather than simply acquiring the status of the claims, we concentrate on solving them.

We act on possibilities to reduce efforts to manually monitor claims status by increasing the utilization of technologies such as web portals for checking claims status.

To efficiently resolve a claim, insurance companiesmust answer a set of questions for each claim status code. With web-based workflow technologies that improve documentation quality, we’ve defined our claims follow-up work queues.

To gain a comprehensive picture of the A/R and focus our efforts on resolving it, we generate multi-variate reports.

Our customers report a 20% reduction in days in collections and a 5%-7% increase in collections.