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Claim Creation

Claim Submission/Creation Process in Medical Billing

Insurance claim for medical care One of the most important processes in the medical billing process is submission. After the insurance company clears the dues, it decides the amount of payment the healthcare provider will get. It is critical to comprehend what occurs during the claim submission procedure to the insurance company. It is recommended to outsource the claims submission process to an experienced service provider because it is one of the most crucial processes that take a lot of time and resources.

Revesolv’s professional staff of medical coders can assist you with every step of the medical RCM approach. In addition to boosting the efficiency of your team, outsourcing medical claim filing services to us can help you minimize overhead costs and increase income.

Services We Offer

Revesolv offers the necessary experience to suit the needs of clients from many industry sectors. For daily processing and claim filings, we offer quick turnaround times. The following are some of the key insurance claim processing services we provide:

Collecting Receipts

The first step is to get an itemized bill from the healthcare provider that lists all of the services they gave to the patient, as well as the cost and appropriate code for each therapy. Revesolv’s team will assist you with gathering the necessary paperwork and invoices.

Filling Claim Form

The claim form includes information about the patient’s condition as well as the services that were provided. It also determines whether or not the charges were covered by the client’s insurance plan. Revesolv’s team can assist you with filling out the claim form with the following information:

  • Identifying details (Name, Address, and DOB).
  • The policy number is the number of your insurance policy.
  • Information about the visitor and the reason for their visit.
  • Name and location of the healthcare provider
  • Any expenses that have already been paid by


Revesolv Medical Claims Processing Services help you process your claims faster.

We follow the industry’s specified claim submission criteria as a top healthcare claims processing firm to ensure a seamless and trouble-free claim filing procedure. Our team of claim processing and submission experts can relieve you of all the headaches and allow you to concentrate on patient care by managing all aspects of medical insurance claims processing, including:

  • Data Entry for Medical Claims
  • Validation of Medical Claims Data
  • Support Services for Medical Claims Administration.
  • Data Processing Services for Medical Claims.
  • Medical Claims Data Indexing Services 
  • Extraction of data from medical claims.
  • Medical Claims Data Archiving.
  • Claims Data Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Financial and accounting support for medical claims.


Why Should You Use Us for Medical Claim Submission?

With years of experience as one of the leading medical claims processing Companies in the world, we believe in offering our clients the highest-quality claim submission procedure in medical billing with a short turnaround time. This is possible because of a streamlined medical claims data processing method. You can take advantage of a number of advantages by using our medical claim submission services, including:


Cost-effective pricing

We provide medical coding services to our clients at very reasonable rates. Furthermore, our efficient healthcare claim processing services can help you save money by increasing your efficiency and decreasing your overall expenditures.


HIPPA compliance

We sign the HIPAA agreement for the client before beginning any project. This ensures that all of your patient information and other medical documents are kept safe and secure.


Medical data security

Data security is at the heart of Revesolv’s activities. At every level of our services, we have set strict privacy, security, and confidentiality standards. We apply best practices throughout the company without imperiling data security.


24/7 Support

We are available to our clients 24/7. All of our employees, including call center agents, sales teams, and project managers, are accessible to answer your questions and fix any difficulties you may have via phone or email 24/7.


Quick Turnaround Time

We offer quick turnaround times for daily processing and claim filings, allowing clients to clear backlogs quickly without sacrificing quality.


Scalable solutions

You may quickly scale up the service requirement as needed if you have a highly talented team of medical claims processing professionals on your side.