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Medical coding refers to the process of assigning universal alphanumeric numbers to healthcare services such as medical diagnoses, procedures, services, and equipment. A medical coder assigns diagnosis and procedure codes to a patient’s medical record, which includes documents such as physician’s notes, laboratory reports, and service lists. Medical coding entails extracting medical data from existing paperwork, assigning the appropriate diagnosis and treatment codes, and facilitating the production of a claim to be submitted to payers.

The following information can be deduced from the standardized codes by payers:

  • The diagnosis of the patient
  • Medical necessity for the patient’s treatments, services, or supplies

Claim Denials can be reduced with accurate medical coding.

For correct compensation, high-quality medical coding is essential. Medical coding errors can be costly and lead to claim denials, as well as unjustified compliance difficulties, which can be even more costly.

The following medical coding services are provided by Revesolv:

  • CPT codes must be double-checked.
  • HCPCS codes are the abbreviations for Health Care Professionals Coding.
  • Modifiers and ICD10.

Medical coding is done in accordance with accessible clinical documentation and protocols set by our customers through thorough work instructions. Medical coding is done in accordance with accessible clinical documentation and protocols set by our customers through thorough work instructions. A knowledgeable coding auditor with the necessary experience and certification reviews the work of a medical coder. We promise the highest standards of coding accuracy and turnaround time in the industry.


Auditing Services for Medical Coding

While we audit any coding work entrusted to us, our clients frequently request that we conduct a medical RCM audit on the coding performed by their team members in the United States. Our skilled medical RCM auditors ensure that procedures are followed consistently and that coding errors are avoided.


Denial of Service Coding

In order to optimize reimbursements, our coding team also performs coding-related denial analysis, code adjustments, and resubmits claims to payers.


Process of Coding Training

We offer a pretty thorough coding training program. Each coder assigned to a client account has undergone extensive training and receives ongoing refresher training. The following steps are included in our coding training:

  • Hiring experienced coders or recent graduates with a Life Science background.
  • Revenue Cycle Fundamentals Foundation Training.
  • Training on Customer-Specific Coding Processes.
  • Individualized feedback and on-the-job training based on the quality of coding given.
  • Non-certified programmers will receive certification training.


The Advantages of Using Our Medical Coding Services

Did you know that medical practices lose up to 15% of their annual revenue as a result of medical coding errors or discharges that aren’t fully billed? Count on the Coding staff at Medical RCM Services to keep your coding operations running smoothly.

The following advantages are provided by our coding team:

  • Ascertain ICD-10 compliance.
  • Improved first-pass rate will help reduce AR backlogs.
  • The number of DNFB cases has decreased, and revenue has increased.
  • Enhance clinical documentation at both the provider and facility levels.
  • Our global delivery methodology improves responsiveness and quick claim filing.
  • Clinical data reporting that is consistent and dependable.
  • Obtain access to a pre-screened labor pool.


Benefits of Using Revesolv’s Medical Coding Services

While medical coding may appear to be a clerical and regulatory process, it is critical to remember that every inaccuracy might result in a loss of money. Choosing a seasoned medical coding service provider can assist you in completing correct and clean claims in the shortest amount of time. We know how to integrate any service into your existing RCM functionality because we are RCM experts.

  • All specializations are covered by our services.
  • Compliance with governmental and regulatory bodies.
  • Extensive knowledge in a variety of specialties, as well as current coding requirements.
  • Experience with a variety of billing software.
  • Every transaction should be transparent and consistent.
  • Reports and analytics in great detail.
  • Operational costs were reduced.
  • Infrastructure and technological capability to meet your needs for scalability.
  • Data optimization and expertise to help you better understand your coding trends and improve other aspects of the RCM operation.


Revesolv medical coding process

Let us walk you through the steps of our medical coding procedure:


Accessing patient charts

You begin the procedure by sending us the patient’s details. Data can be transferred over VPN, or you can provide us access to data from your practice management system. Revesolv maintains a high level of integrity, so you can be completely secure about the protection of your data. We also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you to give our assurance of security a legal basis.



Codes related to insurance companies, doctors, diagnostics, and other procedures are input during the pre-coding step. These codes will be followed by each medical coder during the coding procedure.


ICD and CPT Coding

Medical coding standards followed by our coders include ICD-10-CM, LMRP, CPT Assistant, and HCPCS Level II. Up-coding and down-coding errors are avoided by assigning and entering codes in accordance with procedural codes. The diagnoses’ compatibility with the procedural codes put into the system is checked, and if there are any differences, the necessary changes are made.


Quality Check

Every stage of the coding process is subjected to thorough quality analysis. Before delivering the coded charts to the customer, our quality experts perform multiple and thorough checks for accuracy, avoiding any possibility of up-coding or down-coding.


Submission of coded charts

The client receives the coded charts in an electronic format after they have been prepared. These graphs are also used during the claims processing procedure. If you choose to use our medical Coding services, our medical RCM staff will handle everything from here on out.


Client Feedback

Client feedback is collected at the end of the project to guarantee that our work precisely matches the client’s needs. Client suggestions are taken and executed, ensuring that the client is completely satisfied.