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Patient Reminder Call

With Effective Collection Calls, We Generate More Revenue.

Revesolv is the leading solution for recovering late payments by making pleasant calls to your clients and constantly following up at the appropriate moment, resulting in increased revenue for your company.


What is the procedure for using Revesolv?

Revesolv is a conversation-driven marketing and sales platform that collects data over the phone using real people. It’s scalable, efficient, and integrates effortlessly into your existing workflow.

  • Leads can be forwarded or uploaded to Upcall.
  • We use proven scripts to engage leads at the correct time.
  • Get the information and data you need to close more deals.


Revesol’s Key Features

Revesolv’s outbound outsourcing services produce excellent results, making us the ideal choice for your debt collection and invoice recovery needs. Connect to your internal systems, and we’ll engage customers on your behalf to increase collections.

  • We work with over 1000 different lead sources.
  • Reporting in real-time.
  • Notification of Appointment Scheduling
  • Consultation on your script is free of charge.
  • Quality and safety are important to us.
  • Make Scheduled Appointments in Your Calendar.


Why Is Revesolv the Best?

Whether your company is large or little, we have a solution for you.

  • Scripts that have been professionally designed.
  • Compliant with the Telecom Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
  • Call recording in real-time.
  • Data analytics in real-time.
  • Data security and quality assurance are guaranteed.
  • Appointments are automatically added to your calendar.


Benefits that pay off

To avoid unpaid invoices and save your expenditures, send payment reminders through Call.


Increase your productivity

You can free up time for more sophisticated, value-added tasks that matter to your company by using automated payment reminders.


Effectively reduce late payments

A system of payment reminders via SMS, phone, or email is simple to set up and successful in reducing late payments.


Improve customer satisfaction

The majority of late payments are due to human error. Patient reminders call become useful and appreciated as a result. As a result, personalize them with genuine added value.


Continuously improve your service

You may acquire useful insights and make modifications as rapidly as possible with a professional tool, ensuring high-quality service at all times.