About Us


First YOU, Then US

Revesolv is a need of the current time and situation in Medical & Dental Healthcare Domain. In today’s time, we have often seen the Providers investing their time on their Billing side instead of focusing more of Patient’s treatment and cure. With Deep Industry knowledge, a passionate approach with Providers and Vendors, Revesolv is growing and meeting the need of the current Healthcare requirements.

Revesolv was incorporated to serve US providers and Healthcare Partners with highest quality and with cost effective rates as a back-office services so offices can better focus on Patients care leaving No money on table or uncollected.

Revesolv is passionate about building a market leading company valued by our clients, employees, business partners, investors, and communities. We have expert professionals who are dedicated to provide an end to end complete healthcare solution to our clients/partner needs with 24*7 operational unit as Healthcare back office.

Upon understanding the needs and requirements of our clients we collaborate them into the business goals. We evaluate, present, and deliver business solutions that stand apart for their user friendliness, reliability, and effectiveness. Client satisfaction is the primary focus for Revesolv leadership and staff.

We understand our providers’ concerns about revenue and overhead costs. Our Team holds expertise working with all types of EMR and Practice Management technologies, which enables us to be software agnostic and solution driven. We can work with any EMR or Practice Management software so you can be rest assured you do not have to change your system for us. We assure and make sure to submit every clean claim which can result into payment. Submitting clean claim includes the check of Patient’s demographic information, Insurance policy, accurate ICD/CPT/Modifier combination, provider details, payer details and much more. We are committed to serve with 98% and cleaner claim ratio. Regarding Account Receivables, we get unpaid claims followed up within the 30th day after submission. We have smart payment poster who post the payments looking thoroughly the EOB/ERA received. Our RCM cycle just does not stop at posting the payment, we extend our help to providers by helping them collect Patient unpaid balances as well. We give reminder calls to patient so they can remit the payment to office sooner and faster.

Our Mission is to provide seamless work transition and execution being behind the curtains for our Provider Offices. We cherish to be an intangible part of their success.