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Are you growing frustrated with the intricacies of recouping your dental reimbursements? Are you pressed for time and seeking a quick approach to handle your dental billing services? Understanding dental billing is a difficult chore, as we at Revesolv, the leading dental billing company, know. We provide dental RCM for all dental procedures in a professional and ethical manner, taking care of every detail and ensuring that you receive the greatest benefits available.

Outsourcing dental billing services to Revesolv streamlines medical billing for dental clinics, allowing you to enhance cash flow while lowering overhead costs. Most significantly, it saves you time and eliminates inconveniences, allowing you to concentrate on patient care. Our team is just a message away from answering all of your questions and explaining the complexity of the procedure in plain English.

We Follow the Dental Billing Process

Outsource dental billing services to us for quicker payouts in the shortest time possible. You can contact us at any time for dental billing solutions in response to any of your questions, concerns, or uncertainties. Without hesitation, our team may be contacted for assistance with any future dental billing services, including advice on which dental billing businesses to pick from in the future or moving insurance providers. As a result, we assist you in deciding which one is best suited to your requirements. The billing approach that we employ is as follows:



Claim Eligibility

We check if the dental claim process can be started based on all of the information gathered. Claims that have lapsed and/or have been fabricated are marked.


Data Entry

The current billing software has all valid dentist information, dental clinic bills/invoices, dental treatment specifics, and CDT code information.


Authentication of Data

All documents are double-checked for any faults or mistakes.



After that, all claims are checked for accuracy.


Explanation of Benefits

For your convenience, a thorough Explanation of the Benefits has been provided.


Computing Claims Amount

We make all of the calculations for the advantages that will be received.


Submission of Claims

All claims are transmitted to the insurance company, and their status is tracked.



Following up with the insurance company on a regular basis ensures that payments are received on time.



Any claims that have been denied are re-adjudicated and re-submitted for approval until payment is received.

We Provide Dental Billing Services

It’s never been easier to outsource insurance dental billing claims. Our high success rate is due to our great customer service and in-depth understanding of medical billing for dental operations. Revesolv has built a reputation for providing superior dental billing services in the US for many years. When it comes to insurance dental billing, we offer the following services:

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Dental Billing
Eligibility Verification

We will give you a list of essential documents on which we will file your dental claim. This involves verifying the validity of policy facts like deductibles, co-insurance, payable benefits, effective policy date, all-around coverage information, co-payment options, and so on. Before beginning the claim procedure, we verify.

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of Documents

The legitimacy of all documents, bills, case files, and invoices required for dental billing is double-checked. We examine and identify any circumstances that could cause the claim procedure to be delayed or denied. Please be aware that any fraudulent information will result in the claim procedure being canceled.

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Data Entry for
Dental Billing

Patient demographics and treatment, consultation dentist details, hospital/dental clinic information, and all code sets must be entered. After a thorough entry into the most recent billing software, all data is submitted electronically. The dental claim is provided to you as an e-copy and a physical copy.

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Dental Claims

After entering the billing program, all inputs are double-checked to verify that no errors occur during processing. All claims are filed in accordance with the insurance company’s procedures. We send you the claim papers for analysis and then wait for your permission before sending you the final report.

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Dental Billing-claims

Claims that do not follow the insurance policy’s terms and conditions are corrected and resubmitted. Any denials are validated, and then an appeal for reconsideration is filed. We file the disallowed claim as a new application after it is granted.

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Dental Billing

Our team is forceful as well as has great verbal and written skills, allowing us to provide total dental billing services. We offer you a system for taking the appropriate action in the event that any bills, invoices, or confidential papers go missing or are misplaced.

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Dental Billing
Data Indexing

We keep track of all insurance coverage, EOBs, patient information, and treatment history in a database. This allows for quicker retrievals for quick assessments in the event that any dental data is needed in the future. The history of all past claims is kept private.

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Explanation of

We tell you of the dental expenses that your health care/insurance provider will cover, as well as any payments that you may be responsible for. We provide comprehensive information on deductibles, co-payment alternatives, and insurance plan exclusions.

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Accounting Support
for Dental Billing

All of the financial facts supplied to us by the insurance provider are double-checked by our personnel. With us, you may expect to receive the highest possible payment (even for routine dental expenses) and fewer payment delays from your healthcare provider.

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Pre-authorizations are sent out to ensure that insurance benefits are maximized. Our billing managers notify the insurance company in advance of the dental procedure that will be conducted on the patient, which necessitates the insurance company informing us of how much they will reimburse the dental clinic/office and how much the patient will be responsible for.

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Optional Patient

Pre-authorizations can be used to assess all transactions, including co-patient payments. In such circumstances, we will advise you on how to proceed.

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Dental Claims

We take pleasure in having the highest number of previously denied claims settled due to typographical errors, and wrong diagnosis/service codes.

Why choose Revesolv to handle your dental billing services?

We can optimize claim management and do predictive studies to avoid future denials because we are equipped with the most up-to-date dental billing software.

Our qualified dental billers can access all of your software remotely and in real-time.

All claims submitted via us are given to intensive inspection by our in-house team, which reflects our excellent success record.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is followed by our dental billing services. We’re known for submitting accurate reports that follow HIPAA guidelines.

The time and resources we devote to processing your dental claims make it advantageous to use our services.

We keep all of your dental records, clinic/hospital reports, and patient information safe and secure. We rigorously adhere to our non-disclosure agreements.

All dental billing and coding will be handled by our experienced team, which has been trained to overcome obstacles such as claim resubmission and denial.

With our perfect services, you can expect to get the most out of your insurance claim as quickly as possible.

We are dedicated to providing you with all reimbursements in the shortest amount of time possible, thanks to our well-developed system and swift handling.

We handle all of your dental billing processes with a single point of contact.

Every claim is meticulously documented, and you can access it at any time.

We prioritize your dental billing, resulting in fewer claim payment delays.