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Medical Solution

Outsourcing Medical Billing Services that Help You Increase Cash Flow

If medical billing is a big source of frustration in your RCM process, we can help you improve your cash flow with smooth solutions. Keeping up with current due accounts while also pursuing past due accounts has turned medical billing into a heavy and dispersed job that requires a constant tightrope dance. To get things in order, your medical billing and coding services will need a partner who can help you enhance your productivity and cash flow. Revesolv is a medical billing company based in the United States that has extensive experience assisting healthcare providers in improving the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of their billing operations. To optimize and stay on top of their revenue cycle, our clients outsource medical billing services.

We’ve accumulated a thorough awareness of the steps in the process where errors can occur over time. As a result, we’ve devised strategies to prevent them. Our team provides dependable Medical billing and coding services to enhance cash flow as a top provider of medical billing outsourcing services in the United States. From standardizing the collection and verification of insurance information to reducing the risk of incomplete claims to double-checking diagnosis and surgical codes for errors and maintaining the greatest level of coding specificity. When you opt to outsource medical billing services, our dedicated team works with you to identify and correct common medical billing errors. Choose Revesolv, one of the leading medical billing Outsourcing Companies, for flawless service.


We can assist you in reducing medical billing errors. Here’s How to Do It

  • Patient information is entered, and the diagnosis and surgical data are double-checked to ensure that all relevant fields are filled out.
  • For guaranteed payments, insurance verification and pre-certification via human and automated processes are used.
  • Bills must be coded precisely, and surgical codes must be reviewed to assure the highest level of accuracy for clean claims.
  • Examining insurance policies for maximum coverage and deductibles, as well as a detailed financial breakdown to promote transparency.
  • Ensure full awareness of the various windows required for filing insurance claims by various third-party payers.


Our medical billing support services take care of everything from start to finish.

Our comprehensive service offering enables you to streamline and better manage your medical administrative system, giving you a competitive advantage.


Insurance Verification

Verifying medical insurance is an important aspect of our medical billing services in the United States. Our specialists can help you find information about primary and secondary coverages, out-of-network benefits, co-insurance, and deductibles. Our professionals, as a reputable medical billing outsourcing firm, meticulously examine and re-verify pre-authorization standards to guarantee that denials do not occur due to a lack of pre-authorization. To maintain uniformity in the verification process, we use a well-developed checklist technique.


Patient Scheduling And Registration

We assist you in managing patient flow, scheduling appointments, and pre-registering your patients prior to their first visit. As all vital patient information is obtained ahead of time, medical care is supplied without delay. Our medical billing services in the United States are built on proactive communication with patients and physicians, allowing us to better manage appointments and patient turn-ups. Furthermore, our medical billing services are focused on knowing patient needs so that we can ask the correct questions and devise the best care delivery plans.


Medical Coding

Data entry, ICD-10, DRG, and procedural coding are all areas in which we have a team of medical billing and coding experts. They follow the HAAD adjudication standards and the standard HAAD coding manual to provide top-notch medical billing and coding services. The code is for a variety of specialties and subspecialties, including radiology, surgery, the emergency room, anesthesia, and many others. Our highly experienced medical coders are also regularly taught to stay up with the ever-changing norms and regulations of the healthcare industry’s coding compliance.


AR Management

Our accounts receivable procedure is reliant on people with extensive experience in medical billing. To follow up on pending claims, track accounts receivables balances, examine claims denials, and commence collections, our professionals engage with healthcare providers and insurance organizations on a regular basis. This puts you on a one-way path to more cash flow and fewer days in arrears. We expedite your accounts receivable administration by preserving correct customer data.


Claims Preparation And Submissions

Our medical billing outsourcing services in United States include claim preparation and submission. Our skilled agents follow a well-defined process for preparing and submitting claims. It comprises gathering patient biographical data, checking ICD and CPT codes, scanning for medical billing and coding problems, creating EOBs, and conducting a final review prior to resubmission. They concentrate on accurate documentation and effective documentation throughout the process. 


Denial Management And Appeals

Revesolv is one of the most reputable medical billing company in the United States. Medical denial management is another area in which we excel. When you hire us to handle your medical bills, we go above and above to ensure there are no non-covered expenses, coding problems, or duplicate claims. With our medical billing outsourcing services, we ensure that every refused claim is appealed as soon as possible, with all of the necessary information to overturn the decision and obtain full reimbursement.

Our End to End Medical Billing Process

The secret to our simple but precise service delivery is following a well-defined and regulated procedural sequence.

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Collect and authenticate patient demographic information to ensure proper documentation and error-free invoicing.

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Insurance Eligibility Verification

We have an advantage since we verify policy status and obtain previous authorizations with extensive follow-ups.

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Auditing/Quality Check

Billing experts conduct systematic audits and quality checks to look for irregularities and flag them for review.

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Clearing House Rejections

Resolve any claim denials and correct any claim inaccuracies that have been discovered.

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Medical Coding

To avoid denials, a dedicated staff of medical coders ensures seamless coding by verifying diagnostic and surgical codes for errors.

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Claims Transmission

Before claims are sent out, detailed verification and rechecking of documentation are done to ensure the greatest standards of accuracy.

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Payment Posting

Scanning and relaying EOBs and checks to our payment posting team. In the medical billing system, enter any payments received.

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To make reimbursements easier, assign appropriate charges to patient accounts.

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Denial Management

Determine the reasons for denials and take steps to reduce the likelihood of future denials. 

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AR Recovery

Follow up on outstanding claims and generate reimbursement aging reports on a monthly basis.

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Patient Statement

Create bills for patients detailing the prices they must pay for their treatment.

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Follow up on outstanding patient accounts to ensure that payments are received in full or in part.

Why are we a Medical Billing Management Process Industry Authority?

We deliver higher documentation quality through regular audits and the use of technology as a HIPAA-compliant medical billing company.

We ensure exceptional documentation quality through frequent audits and the use of technology as a HIPAA-compliant medical billing company.

Our billers and coders are taught on a regular basis to guarantee that they are up to speed on third-party payer rules and regulations.

Regular claims audit aid in the detection of problems and the evaluation of findings in order to improve medical billing and coding services and maximize reimbursements.

To provide our clients with the most accurate medical billing services, we maintain greater levels of accuracy. 

Advanced medical billing tools, such as Nextgen, MediTouch eClinical Works, and others, are used to support analytics for better cash flow.